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Treat dry coughs with plants

Treat dry coughs with plants

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Usually occurring in the context ofrespiratory infections, the cough is one of the common reasons for seeing a doctor.

Defined as an exhalation reflex allowing declutter the respiratory tracts of secretions, cough can also be accompanied by bothersome and even aggravating symptoms.

Unlike a fatty cough which is accompanied by mucus or sputum loaded with infectious agents, the dry cough she does not reject anything. However, it translates a inflammation in the lungs.

Can we heal ourselves naturally?

Causes and symptoms of dry cough

In autumn or winter, the frequency of respiratory ailments are usually the cause of a cough. Sometimes irritating, painful and even exhausting, a cough is not in itself a disease. We thus distinguish a fatty cough of a dry cough.

Similar to an irritant cough, a dry cough occurs after laryngitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, nasopharyngitis, or bronchitis due to virus.

Some drugs - including contraceptives (in women smokers over 35), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers or even converting enzyme inhibitors - can also trigger a dry cough. In these cases, it is termed an “iatrogenic cough” or “medicated cough”.

Dry cough can also be caused by gastric reflux or be a symptom ofheart failure, ofasthma or from interstitial lung disease.

Treatments for dry coughs and plants

In pharmacies, to effectively relieve throat irritation, it is sometimes recommended to combine in the form of herbal tea, marshmallow at thyme : their virtues are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic and cough suppressant.

What dosage?

In infusion (30 to 50 cl): in a cup of boiling water, dip ½ teaspoon of thyme. Let sit for about ten minutes.

Then immerse 1 teaspoon of chopped marshmallow roots in a container of cold water. Bring them to a boil. From the first simmering, put them off the heat, cover and then set aside.

During the day, alternate drinking in small sips.
To avoid the risk of insomnia, drinking thyme tea after 5 p.m. is contraindicated.

In cases where the dry cough is the source:

> allergic, health professionals advocate capsules or the mother tincture of plantain.

In dosage, 900 mg of plantain capsules (Phytostandard, Arkogélules) or 100 drops of liquid extract to be diluted in a glass of water are sufficient daily.

> gastroesophageal, it is advisable to associate the matricaria (anti-inflammatory) at lemon balm (antispasmodic). True allies in the fight against a cough triggered by gastric reflux, these two plants have an effect antacid on the bronchial tubes and sore throat.

As dosages, are indicated, 1 tablespoon of essential oil of each plant (lemon balm and matricaria) to be diluted in a fruit juice, or a glass of water; 2 times a day, before and after meals.

Renowned, the cypress and the myrtle red are plants known to naturally treat respiratory ailments.

Thanks to its antitussive and antispasmodic properties, essential oil of cypress alleviates coughing fits. By associating it with honey and red myrtle essential oil - known for its mucolytic and decongestant properties - will help you overcome a dry cough.

How to get lost?

Adult : Pour 1 drop of each essential oil in vegetable oil or honey. Take it 3 to times a day for a maximum of 3 to 5 days.

Child (+ 7 years old): taking it once or twice a day is recommended.

Tip about dry cough

Red myrtle and cypress essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and children under 7 years old.

Cypress EO is also contraindicated in cases of hormone-dependent cancers (ovary, breasts, etc.).

Very often at night, the dry cough can affect the subject's quality of life.
However, insomnia, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, traces of blood in the sputum, feeling of tightness ... are all signs of gravity requiring a immediate medical care.

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