Spring work

The days are getting longer, nature is awakening ... and the gardener rolls up his sleeves.

The arrival of spring signals the return of work to the garden.

Small summary of the tasks to be carried out area by area.

  • Gardening work for the month of March
  • April gardening work
  • Gardening for the month of May

On the grass

From March, a comprehensive restoration of the turf will erase the damage of winter.

This is the time to remove the foams and aerate the earth using a scarifier then do your first mowing.

In April, you can to sow grass on the bare parts.

In the massifs

Now is the time to clean up the beds and size of roses and summer flowering shrubs.

In April, sow the annuals that will flower your beds - nasturtiums, wallflowers, petunias, sweet Pea, worries, etc. - and plant the summer bulbs - dahlias, gladioli, lily, crocosmias, cannas, etc.

Grouped, they will form sumptuous multicolored spots. If your soil is clay, grow them in pots. Plant perennials too - peonies, lupines, baby's breath, etc. - or divide those that are already in place.

In the vegetable garden

Take advantage of February to sow a green manure that will enrich the soil once buried. In March, dig to aerate and add organic fertilizer.

In April, you can sow spinach, salads, cabbage, peas, carrots, onions, radish, leeks and potatoes news.

Start your summer vegetable seedlings warm, indoors - tomatoes, courgettes, eggplants, peppers, aromatics, etc. They can be transplanted in May, after the Ice Saints.

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In the orchard

From March, prune or prune fruit trees and mulch their feet.

If your apple trees and pear trees have suffered from scab the previous year, apply Bordeaux mixture after bud burst, which you supplement with a sulfur spray in April.

Want to Red fruits this summer ? Plant raspberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries.

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