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Blueberry: benefits and virtues

Magnificent wild plant which is aptly named for its color, the cornflower grows naturally on acidic lands, fields, meadows and mountains in our regions.

Its flowers, delicate and light at the same time, bring a feeling of purity to the landscape.

This plant, native to the Near East, is recognized for its medicinal virtues, gastronomic and cosmetics.

But, what ailments does she heal?

Cornflower: for the record

Belonging to the Asteraceae family, the blueberry is a plant found in Europe, North America and Asia.

When does the cornflower bloom?

Cornflower blooms in summer. Existing in several varieties (purplish blue, red, pink), the flowering of cornflowers is very abundant, especially in summer.

A virtuous annual or sometimes biennial plant, the blueberry measures 10 cm to 1 m (depending on the variety). It grows spontaneously wherever it pleases, although it prefers sunny areas and rocky soils.

Also called "glasses breaker" (because it has a positive effect on the conjunctivitis), field blueberries are under strong pressure from herbicides and are becoming scarce nowadays.

Besides its therapeutic virtues, the flowers of cornflowers are also edible.

Cornflower, symbol of war

The cornflower has established itself in its history, being at the origin of the symbol "Cornflower of France", in memory and solidarity with the victims of war, orphans, widows and above all, Veterans.

Therefore, each year, the blueberry is worn during the commemoration of May 08 (end of World War II) and November 11 (end of World War I).

Blueberry: a plant with multiple benefits

"Audifoin", "barbeau", "Blavelle", "fleur de Zacharie" ... are the many appellations of Cornflower.
Regardless, these are his benefits on the health that get our full attention in this article.

Blueberry: health benefits and virtues

Belonging to the genus of Centaurea (Knapweed), there are 2 varieties of Cornflower :

Mountain blueberries:

Or Centaurea montana (in Latin) to which we attribute the properties digestive and diuretics.

Indeed, the flowers of the cornflower are known to stimulate and strengthen the human organism, by strengthening the immune system, the activity of the liver and, by facilitating digestion.

Field blueberries:

Or Centaurea cyanus (in Latin) used to treat everyday ailments, especially inflammation of the mucous membranes and some skin, the pains as well as conjunctivitis.

In this case, it is its soothing virtues that have a positive effect on rheumatism and the infections or eye irritations (stye, conjunctivitis).

  • It is generally found in the composition of eye drops and eye lotions.

Moreover, the floral water of field cornflower (or cornflower water) helps soothe Sun burn, the eye irritations and even the skin problems.

Use of Cornflower

Cornflower in herbal medicine:

In the form of a decoction, it is advisable to prepare a Cornflower tea with 10 grams of plants for 20 centiliters of water.

In a suitable container pour cold water and place the plants there. Then on the fire, bring everything to a boil, then remove and let it infuse for ¼ hour -20 minutes.

Blueberries for the skin:

Used as a mist or skin tonic, cornflower hydrosol should be applied to the face in the morning (before applying makeup) or in the evening (after removing makeup).

Cornflower water is ideal as a mist on the face (or just after the onset of redness). This makes it possible to firm up but above all to refresh the skin in periods of high heat.

For heal skin irritations (acne…), Cleanse then dry your skin. Then, soak a cotton pad with‘Blueberry hydrosol and, wash your face every night.

Cornflower for the eyes:

Whether it is to relieve conjunctivitis, swollen, tired or irritated eyes, rheumatism or stye, it is advisable to pour a small amount of blueberry water on makeup removing pads.

Then gently place on closed eyes for a few minutes. The effect is startling.

Good to know about blueberries

Blueberry hydrosol is sold in drugstores, pharmacies, certain supermarkets, organic stores or even via specialized websites.

This water is usually packaged in opaque blue bottles with the words "Centaurea cyanus ».
Once the bottle has been opened, to preserve all its properties, store it in the refrigerator.

When in doubt, always seek the advice of a specialist or your doctor and, never exceed the prescribed doses.

Cornflower in cooking:

In cooked, the Bleuet also won. It can be consumed as salad, or associated with a fruit salad.

While some use it to flavor their cakes, others make it a special detail to decorate their dishes.

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