The bucolic charm of a vegetated pergola

It is a haven of freshness much appreciated during the hot summer months.

Intermediate between the house and the garden, the vegetated pergola has an incomparable charm.

The charm of a pergola

Oriented to the south to take advantage of solar energy, bioclimatic houses favor green pergolas because they protect them from overheating by creating spaces of freshness, with an added ecological touch. These shaded terraces are particularly suited to regions with hot summers. They are outdoor rest areas where it is pleasant to have lunch while enjoying subdued light, without being attacked by the sun's rays.

Wood (Douglas fir, cedar or class 4 autoclave treated gasoline against rot) and wrought iron are the materials most used to build a pergola, on the facade or as an extension of the house. The timber frame is flat, horizontal, with slatted joists resting on columns and load-bearing beams anchored to the wall. The metal roof can have rounded curves, like a dome creating the effect of a tunnel of greenery. Aluminum lends itself well to freestanding pergolas that are not secured to the house.

Climbing plants for pergola

Whether it adopts an authentic or more contemporary style, the structure must be strong enough to support the weight of the climbing plants that will cover it. The choice of vegetation is essential. If you're worried about the presence of insects, avoid flowering and fruiting varieties. Prefer species provided with foliage, capable of providing good shade quality. Very effective in this area, the Virginia creeper also offers a variety of decorations thanks to the change of colors of its leaves according to the season.

If you want to bring a scent touch to your pergola, opt for the wisteria whose bunches smell very good in spring and whose flowering disappears in summer. Slightly fragrant, the honeysuckle appreciates exposure shared between light and shadow. The ak├ębia, with its semi-evergreen foliage, prefers the sun and gives off an orange blossom scent in spring. The clematis is as resistant as it is refined. If you like them rosebushes, you can turn to their climbing varieties but avoiding thorns and provided you maintain them carefully.

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