Garden flowers

What plants for a natural garden?

The wild garden is a big current trend, on the model of country meadows or undergrowth. But what flowers to sow or plant to recreate this atmosphere?

Go for perennials and annuals or biennials, but not just any. Those who have a rather Bohemia and great ease of cultivation since they grow spontaneously in nature.

They often seem fragile but are nevertheless sturdy ! Combined with ground covers such as helexin or ivy in more shaded areas, they will give your garden a decidedly natural look.

Our selection of wild plants for the garden


In general, like common sage, or meadows, grow everywhere in France, in meadows, meadows, lawns, at the edge of paths. To put them in scene in your garden, offer them a location in full light on a rather limestone or neutral ground.

Special mention for the new variety Sage Madeline which makes very pretty two-tone blue and white flowers.

La Monnaie-du-Pape:

The Pope's currency is a flowering plant of a beautiful purplish pink in clusters, annual or biennial, often forming dense colonies, 30 to 100 cm high.

The Gaura

The Gaura is a perennial plant with a proud habit and delicate flowering, enjoying a sunny exposure to partial shade and well-drained soil.

Sweet peas:

Perennial peas or sweet peas, easy-to-grow, love heat and light and bloom in pink, white or purple.

The cosmos :

Cosmos are also other essentials in the natural garden: they are available in many colors and in many sizes. They are easily sown and reseeded.

The spurge:

The Euphorbia is a biennial herbaceous plant with a very bright green-yellow color and an imposing appearance. Decorative and durable, there are several species that adapt to all conditions and exposures. Convenient !

The columbine:

The columbine, seductive with its magical and very delicate allure, is of great elegance while remaining discreet. And it grows everywhere!


Echinacea, this cousin of the daisy, recognizable among all with its predominant heart and thin drooping petals, is a medicinal and honey plant.

Very fashionable now, like the previous plants.

Seedling mixtures

To complete or initiate your bucolic garden, there are also ready-to-use mixtures of “flower meadows” sold in garden centers.

And then, let them take root in your spontaneous garden poppies, daisies, daisies, ivy, hedge bindweed, cornflower, ornamental garlic so that they have some nice surprises in store for you ...

To read "The indispensable guide for lovers of wild flowers", by Gérard Guillot and Guillaume Eyssartier, Belin editions, 527 pages, € 18.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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