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Lilac: a beautiful shrub

The lilac, which blooms and fragrances in spring, is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Syringa vulgaris
Family : Oleaceae
Type : Shrub
Height : 2 to 5 m

Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : Spring

Care and maintenance of lilac, here are our tips for having good growth and flowering throughout the seasons.

Lilac plantation

The lilac planting stage is a guarantee of success for a beautiful shrub and a beautiful bloom in spring.

When to plant a lilac?

It's better to plant the lilac in autumn to promote rooting.

But like most shrubs bought in a container, you will be able to plant it throughout the year as long as you increase watering if you decide to plant in the spring or summer.

To plant the lilac well:

Lilac is fairly undemanding as to the nature of the soil, but if you want to improve flowering, follow our planting advice.

  • Lilac appreciates sunny situations to bloom well.
  • A rich, well-drained soil will improve lilac development and flower renewal.
  • Mix the soil in your garden with potting soil.
  • Adding an amendment such as manure and algae will promote the recovery and development of your lilac.

If you want create a lilac hedge, distance each foot of 2 m to leave room for each lilac to develop.

  • For all your shrubs, follow our planting tips.

Lilac cutting:

The cuttings lilac is the easiest method to propagate your lilacs.

Lilac care

Once in place, the lilac claims little care and blooms from year to year, but a few maintenance actions will allow you to prolong its beautiful flowering and make it more radiant.

  • Fertilizer for flowering shrubs is recommended at the end of winter. Bury a handful of fertilizer at the base of the lilac.
  • Regular watering in hot weather or prolonged drought is preferable.

Lilac size

The lilac size is very controversial, some recommend it while others do not.

The solution is certainly between the two, better do not prune the lilac too severely but favor a good annual refreshment.

This is the guarantee of seeing your lilac bloom from year to year thanks to the pruning and to the few maintenance actions here.

Prune the lilac well:

  • The lilac pruning period is after flowering, when the flowers have faded
  • Lightly cut off any branches that flowered after flowering.
  • To find the correct pruning length, pretend the branches are intended for a bouquet of flowers.

Lilac diseases

Although quite rustic and disease resistant, we still notice some enemies and diseases in lilac.

We thus see some fungi like downy mildew powdery or attacks of mealybugs summer.

  • Mildew: organic control and treatment
  • Cochineal: organic control and treatment

Lilac is also a victim ofpowdery mildew, usually at the end of summer when humidity mixes with summer heat.

  • Powdery mildew: organic control and treatment

Finally, among the pests, moths are the main threat to lilac.

To know about lilac

Lilac is a flowering shrub beautiful and generous, cluster-shaped very fragrant.

It will enchant your gardens from spring, will attract birds and the first foraging bees of spring.

Lilacs can grow up to 6-7 meters tall but usually reach 3-4 meters.

Its foliage is deciduous, and offers pretty small light green leaves.

The flowers are borne in clusters called thyrsus and offer a delicate fragrance and a very characteristic color which gave its name to the color lilac. Some varieties of lilac are double flowered, but this is rarer.

Lilac is one of the most commonly planted shrubs in our gardens, mainly for its fragrance and decorative power.

Not to be confused with the Indian lilac, lilac also gave its name to the Porte des Lilas.

Smart tip

To have beautiful flowers, spread a bag of potting soil mixed with a flower fertilizer at the foot of the tree.

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