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Buddleia: the butterfly bush

The buddleia is a flowering shrub, ornamental but can be very invasive.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Buddleja davidii
Family : Scrophulariaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : Summer

Planting, maintenance and pruning are actions that will improve flowering.

Planting buddleia

The buddleia is best planted in theautumn in order to facilitate rooting and therefore resumed in spring.

We can also plant the buddleia purchased in a container (pot) in spring but on condition of providing a good watering at the beginning.

  • Choose a good place sunny for better flowering.
  • Avoid excessively rich soils which favor foliage and not flowering (fertilizer is therefore useless)
  • Follow them planting tips from Jardiner malin.
  • In hedges, respect a distance of 100 to 120 cm with its neighbors

Buddleia cutting

The buddleia is a species of plant known as invasive, so important is its ability to multiply. So there is no need to multiply it, it will be able to do it well on its own.

But, technically, we can multiply the buddleia by cuttings in late summer.

  • Take the 15 cm cuttings in summer on semi-hardened wood (not yet hard)
  • Remove the bottom leaves to keep only a pair of leaves.
  • If necessary, dip the base in the cutting hormone powder.
  • Plant the cuttings in special cutting soil.
  • Place your cuttings in the light but without direct sunlight.
  • Keep the substrate moist.
  • Protect the cuttings from frost in winter and transplant the following spring.

Be careful, buddleia is very invasive and can quickly become a bad friend.

Pruning and caring for buddleia

The buddleia is an easy to maintain shrub, especially when properly established. The only thing to do is to severely cut down your buddleia every year.

You have 2 solutions for pruning, in all cases end of winter :

For reshape your buddleia :

  • Prune the shoots from the previous year while giving the buddleia a nice silhouette.
  • For frankly rejuvenate your buddleia :
    Cut back severely as much as you want, it will come off again and should bloom even more.
  • If you do not prune the buddleia, it ends up losing hair.

Watering and fertilizer application:

Buddleia is not particularly water hungry, but watering in hot weather or prolonged drought is recommended.

A mulching summer helps maintain moisture in the soil and also prevents weed growth.

In the spring, thefertilizer for flowering shrubs will stimulate flowering.

To know about the buddleia

The buddleia is a shrub with abundant and generous flowering.

Forming beautiful panicles whose colors range from white to red through pink and purple, this shrub is ideal for planting in hedges but also in isolation or in shrub beds.

Also called "butterfly tree", it is thanks to the scent it gives off that buddleia attracts them. The buddleia blooms in summer to the delight of our friends the butterflies.

Finally, both easy to maintain and very rustic, the buddleia is very simple for this.

Smart tip

Prune short from November. This will give your shrub even more vigor!

For the buddleia that does not bloom, do not hesitate to cut back at the end of winter, it should thank you ...

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