Garden flowers

Portulaca: a beautiful succulent

Portulaca is a beautiful annual flowering succulent.

Easy to maintain and offering beautiful flowers all summer, it will adorn the garden but also pots and planters.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Portulaca grandiflora
Family : Portulacaceae
Type : Annual (succulent)

: 10 to 15 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : June to October

Planting portulaca

Planting portulaca is done preferably in spring for purslane bought in a bucket, keeping a distance of 15 cm between each foot.

  • Portulaca needs sun to flower well
  • A light addition of fertilizer for flowering plants will improve flowering.

Portulaca seedlings:

To enjoy blooming in spring, start your seedlings under cover at the end of winter.

  • Perform a sowing under shelter in February-March or sowing in place in March-April for regions with a very mild climate.
  • Thin out to 15 cm.
  • Plant after any risk of frost.

Pruning and caring for portulaca

Remove faded flowers over time to stimulate the appearance of new flowers

Regular watering is recommended for portulacas planted in pots, tubs and planters.

To know about portulaca

This very pretty annual flower, creeping and with a spreading habit, offers a beautiful bloom with vibrant and varied colors ranging from red to pink through yellow, white and orange.

Easy to maintain, portulaca requires very little water and is even drought resistant.

It will adapt perfectly to your rockeries, to low walls but also to planters, pots and suspensions.

Not very resistant to low temperatures, it will not survive below 5 °

Smart tip about portulaca

No need to water the portulaca planted in the ground, even on hot days!

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