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Tasty strawberries

If you no longer want to consume the tasteless strawberries sold in supermarkets, grow a square of organic strawberries!

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Strawberries going up or not?

Whether you buy your strawberry plants at the market, garden center or by mail order, you will have to choose between varieties of strawberries rising or not. What does this term mean? Like those of roses, the flowers of strawberries can bloom once a year (non-repeat varieties) or twice (repeat varieties).

Some varieties of strawberries are early, others late. By combining them well, you will get harvests from May to October. Lovers of organic fruit will prefer varieties resistant to diseases that require no chemical treatment.

Soil and exposure of strawberries

In your vegetable garden, preferably choose a soil rich in humus and acid-siliceous to install your strawberries.

A sunny exposure is preferable. A black plastic film spread on the ground will prevent weeds and speed up fruit ripening. If you don't like plastic, you can put straw or cocoa pods around the plants.

Space your strawberries 20 cm apart. Water them regularly but without wetting the foliage. Strawberries don't like too much water. Before harvesting, put nets or old CDs hanging from stakes against bird attack.

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Strawberry favorite varieties

For their scent of wild strawberries, try the Mara des Bois, the Reine des Vallées and the Ciflorette. To please gourmet children, opt for Gariguettes and Gento with very large fruits.

To make strawberry jams, prefer Ostara, Rabunda and ... Grandma. Finally to pretend the birds, plant white "Golden Alpine" strawberries.

To you the good salads from strawberries flavored with crushed mint leaves and delicious jams to enjoy all year round!

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