How to arrange a large garden?

Some complain that their exterior is too small. Yours is so big you don't know which end to take it from!

Discover our landscaping ideas to tame and develop a large garden.

Massifs around the house

Unless you are an avid maintenance enthusiast, you won't be able to plant flower beds all over your expansive exterior. Indeed, they require a certain number of treatments including weeding, pruning, planting bulbs ...

In the case of a large garden, it is better to place these worked plant compositions near the house. On the one hand, because they will be easier to access. On the other hand, because you will benefit more from it. To create large beds easily, your plants need to be to scale. If you only plant small perennials and annuals, you will need a bunch of them… Instead, bet on bulky plants. This is the case with hydrangeas, adorned with opulent leaves and flowers measuring between 1m and 3m in wingspan. In the perennial department, Cimicifuga and Delphiniums can claim to be generous. Also think of flowering shrubs such as ceanoths or oleanders.

Take care of the terrace

The terrace is an outdoor arrangement in which we spend a lot of time. This is the place to store your deckchair under a pergola lined with climbing plants, open a good book or entertain friends. In a large garden, focus on this place, the rest of the garden can be made up of lawns or meadows. Then choose a material that suits your desires. Wood is a timeless piece with a natural look that appeals to the greatest number with its ribs and knots. Depending on the species chosen, a range of browns, reds, beiges and honeys are available to you. Always in an authentic style, you can let yourself be tempted by the charm of the stone and its roughness. Finally, the modern garden easily accommodates a terrace in polished concrete, slabs or composite.

Bet on a kitchen area

You have a great exterior so make the most of it! you can affordarrange an outdoor kitchen. The ideal? A barbecue, accompanied by a tap, a pizza oven, a worktop and some storage. The must ? A bar to delimit the kitchen area from the dining area. No more going back and forth around the house!

Don't hesitate to build a shelter above to enjoy the summer evenings, even if a little rain is coming to the party. You can then welcome guests while cooking nearby. Take the opportunity to decorate your kitchen with some aromatic plants in pots. Thus, thyme and rosemary are at hand for your grills and your pizzas.

Plant tall trees

The large trees provide shade and ambiance to the garden. As soon as the wind picks up, their leaves quiver and the petals of their flowers fly away. Large subjects, which few gardens can afford, give a country style that smells of the countryside. They are also a home for birds, pollinating insects and small wildlife.

Among the great honey-bearing subjects, there is the chestnut tree. Culminating up to 25m high, it adopts a conical port. With its large inflorescences, it is the best ally of bees and other pollinators.

We also think of oak, whose shape is sometimes rounded, sometimes fastigated. Majestic, this beautiful tree with undeniable presence reaches up to 40m high. There are many varieties of oak, Quercus robur from our forests, holm oak in a dry climate, etc. Once your big tree is sturdy and old enough, don't hesitate to hang a hammock on a low branch and enjoy its plant cover!

Lawn, flower meadows and ground covers

Between the terrace and the trees, there are large spaces. Several possibilities are available to you: sow lawns, a flowery meadow or bet on ground covers. The latter are particularly suitable for embankments which they easily cover.

In the sun, choose lady's mantle or bluebells instead. In the shade, choose large-flowered comfrey or perennial geraniums. There is always the eternal lawn, a children's playground, the flexibility of which appeals to those who like to walk barefoot. But the chore of mowing will have to be done ... Not so difficult when you like to be in the garden!

However, there are robotic mowers that do the work for you. Flowered meadows form an alternative that is as aesthetic, ecological as it is practical. Requiring only one to two mows per year, these large flat areas of country flowers are a real resource of biodiversity. In addition, you just have to go inside with the mower, to form beautiful bucolic paths.


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