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Acanthus: a beautiful flower bedding

Acanthus is a plant with a beautiful flowering in summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Acanthus
Family : Acanthaceae
Type : Perennial with rhizomes

: 1 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich and well drained

Foliage : Semi-persistent depending on climate
Flowering : Summer

Maintenance, pruning and planting are all things that will allow you to have very beautiful acanthus. (Photo © Mari)

How to plant an acanthus

Choose a planting acanthus in spring or fall taking care to enrich the soil with potting soil and possibly sand in the case of heavy or clayey soil.

  • Choose the place where you will plant them because the acanthus do not like to be moved.
  • Prefer good sunshine, or even a light shade during the hottest hours
  • Maintain a distance of approximately 60 cm between each foot in order to leave room for acanthus to develop

Multiplication of acanthus:

Acanthus are plants that multiply quite easily by sowing seeds or by root cuttings.

  • Multiplication by root cuttings relatively easy in fall or late winter.
  • Multiplication by seed sowing in spring
  • This restores vigor to old plantations.

When you propagate the acanthus, it takes 2 to 3 years to flower so it is completely normal if you have acanthus that does not bloom.

Caring for acanthus

Cut them wilted flowers over time, this promotes the appearance of new pimples.

If you don't touch it, the acanthus will reseed itself naturally.

In autumn, once the foliage has wilted, cut back as short as possible in November and protect the foot of the plant with a mulch of dried leaves for example.

In the regions with mild winters, we can leave the acanthus in place without touching it.

Common diseases in acanthus:

If the acanthus is enough not very sensitive to diseases, powdery mildew is nevertheless found as the main enemy, whereas snails and slugs easily like to lodge there.

To know about the acanthus

Acanthus, symbol of eternal love, which is often called the soft acanthus, originates from‘Africa, Asia and Southern Europe.

Its large spikes of pink, purple or white flowers are perfect for flower beds.

There is one thirty species which offers a large number of varieties, colors, flowers and foliage.

It produces magnificent flower stalks that can measure up to 2 m in height that are noticed for their original shape.

Smart tip

To stimulate this magnificent flowering, regularly add to the plant an organic liquid fertilizer for geraniums or flowering plants.

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Video: Acanthus mollis cutting the leaves away in June. July - Burncoose Nurseries (July 2021).