Summer planter: inspirations and advice

Confused about what to plant in your summer planter? Perennials or annuals, discover our inspirations for your summer flowers in pots.

In the shade or in the sun, brighten up your exterior with a seasonal planter!

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Summer planter in full sun

In a planter, the substrate dries faster than in the ground, it does not benefit from the coolness of the depth of the soil. In the sun, you have to bet on plants that withstand drought well!

This is the case with campanulas, which tolerate the blazing sun well. From June, their purple flowers appear. Depending on the variety, they take a rounded, bell or star shape. Flowering lasts until August or even October for some cultivars. To vary the colors, we focus on warm shades such as orange, yellow or red.

The globular flowers of the buttercups contrast with the bellflowers and add volume to the planter. Buttercups in bloom until June finally give way to bellflowers for flowering straddling several seasons. They are accompanied by the pansies which offer a long bloom from spring to early fall. Dry substrates can also count on houseleeks, succulents that are perfectly adapted to dry substrates. Be careful, just because these are plants that appreciate the sun and light soil, doesn't mean you need to dispense with all watering! Water regularly, allowing the surface to dry between each addition of water.

Shaded summer planter

In the shade, we combine decorative foliage with colorful flowers for a nice play of textures.

Variegated ivy reveals its yellow and green triangular leaves, it illuminates a shadow area. It has the advantage of having a drooping port that dresses the planter.

Heuches are also plants commonly used in shade planters. They have the advantage of having attractive rounded and crenellated foliage with different shades depending on the variety: red, purple, acid green, black ... In summer, small, wispy floral spikes stand out on this perennial. To add a little light touch, we use flowers blooming in the shade. Cyclamen offer their white flowers between August and October and do well in full shade as well as partial shade. Also think of the anemones of Japan which take up residence in the undergrowth. Their charming little single flowers are white, pink to purple.

Geranium in bloom all summer

The traditional geranium never ceases to adorn balconies in summer. Pelargonium of its real name has a long flowering period between April and October depending on the variety.

Zonal varieties have large single to double flowers, while ivy pelargoniums have small flowers. Another significant advantage: their foliage repels mosquitoes! Do not hesitate to plant it near the terrace or on the windowsills of the bedrooms. The main thing is to provide it with a sunny or partially shaded exposure as well as a rich and well-drained substrate. To do this, use special geranium potting soil and consider placing a drainage layer (clay balls or gravel) at the bottom of the pot.

On the watering side, add water regularly, letting the soil on the surface dry out between each. Once a week when watering, add liquid fertilizer to provide all the nutrients the plant needs.

Colorful flowers

Summer is flower season! Now is the time to play with colors and create harmonious marriages. Fan of purple? Then associate petunias two-tone white streaked with purple with the rustic flowers of Osteospermum.

You can also pair ‘Beedance® Painted Red’ with Scarlet Tempest ® ’. The yellow flowers at the ends of the orange petals of the Bidens will work wonders with the bright orange flowers of the Benoît. Be bold and mix colors like pink and yellow. The Begonia semperflorens ‘Doublet Rose’And gauras give pink flowers in summer. Depending on the variety, Anthemis, Coreopsis and Gaillardes are three perennials that offer beautiful yellow country flowers.

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