Cactus opuntia: easy and decorative

A cactus to grow outdoors or in pots and indoors, opuntia monacantha is also very easy to grow and care for.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Opuntia monacantha
Family : Cactacea
Type : cactus, Houseplant

: 50 to 100 cm
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Soil, well draining

Flowering : Spring, summer
Foliage : persistent

Planting, repotting the opuntia cactus

The opuntia cactus needs well-drained soil because it primarily fears moisture.

  • A mixture of potting soil and sand is quite suitable.
  • A special soil for cacti plants is also ideal.
  • There are cactus fertilizers that help improve growth and flowering.

Repotting every 2 to 3 years allows the cactus to develop well.

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Cactus opuntia cutting:

Cactus opuntia cuttings are relatively easy, it is a good opportunity to offer them to your friends.

  • Using a secateurs, cut one of the cactus snowshoes
  • Let the cutting dry until the cut part is completely dry
  • After a few days or weeks, plant this racket in a suitable substrate for cacti.
  • Resume watering when new roots have appeared

Caring for the opuntia cactus

The cactus is a very easy plant to care for because it hardly needs any care.

You will mainly make sure to water your cactus well and give it the light and temperature it needs, summer and winter.

Indeed, the opuntia cactus appreciates the heat as much as the sun. He will always do better under these conditions.

If you grow your cacti indoors, regular dusting allows the plant to "breathe" better.

Among the common parasites in cacti, the cochineal

Opuntia cactus and flowering:

We appreciate the pretty flowering of the cactus opuntia monacantha.

Opuntia normally blooms in spring or summer, offering pretty yellow flowers.

To make an opuntia cactus flower, it is necessary to give it a real winter rest.

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Watering opuntia monacantha

Like all cacti, opuntia monacantha does not deviate from certain watering rules.

Always prefer watering with non-hard water, such as rainwater, especially if your area is hard.

  • You can water regularly in spring and summer, but without ever flooding the plant.
  • From fall and winter, it is recommended to slowly reduce watering.
  • In the middle of winter, you can forget about watering.

Opuntia outdoors

Growing the opuntia cactus outdoors is quite possible from spring to fall and even in winter in southern regions.

But this cactus tolerates winter temperatures up to around 5 °

In areas with cold winters, you will need to grow your cactus in a pot and bring it in at the end of October.

Place it in the light and follow our winter cactus watering tips.

Smart tip

Decorative and easy to care for, the opuntia monacantha cactus is an ideal plant to start a cactus collection.

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