Organic treatments for your fruit trees

Do you have a garden with fruit trees and would like to be a little greener?

It is true that it is increasingly tempting to preserve nature and, above all, the health of our dear little ones.

Fortunately, there are organic treatments for fruit trees that can limit the chemicals used in the garden.

Review and advice.

Organic therefore safe?

It is important to start with a small important clarification concerning the organic treatments fruit trees. Organic does not mean safe! Too often we tend to believe that anything ecological / biological poses no risk to humans. It's wrong. You can imagine that a product that kills insects is not particularly harmless ... quite natural as it is.

It is therefore essential, when you carry out the organic treatment of your fruit trees, to respect the precautions for use and to strictly follow the instructions for use provided on the product packaging.

Bordeaux mixture

Very well known to all gardeners, the Bordeaux mixture is a mixture authorized in organic farming. A mixture of copper sulphate and lime, Bordeaux mixture comes in the form of a blue powder to be diluted in water.

The resulting mixture is then sprayed onto the trees to destroy fungi such as mildew and possibly contain various diseases that affect fruit trees.


Sulfur can be added to Bordeaux mixture for the "organic" treatment of your fruit trees. It will complete the treatment provided by the Bordeaux mixture.

It can be used in curative treatment but especially in preventive treatment. His favorite targets: the apple scabr and thepowdery mildew. But it can also be used alone without any problem. Just dilute it in water and spray it on.


Extracted from chrysanthemum, pyrethrin is an excellent insecticide against aphids in particular but also caterpillars and many other insects.


We find the powdered or granulated trichoderma. In the first case, it is applied to the wounds (following pruning) of the fruit tree.

In the second case, it is placed in the crevices of the trunk. Derived from the spores of a fungus, trichoderma is an organic treatment against pests of your fruit trees.

Marseille soap

Yes, by choosing an organic Marseille soap made from olive oil (no animal fat obviously) you can, by grating it and melting it in water, produce an entirely natural insecticide and ... nontoxic !

You can optionally add a little vegetable oil to the mixture.

The principle of operation of this "soup" is to suffocate the aphids where the mealybugs. Care must be taken to spray this mixture on and under the leaves.

The big advantage of this product, which is however less effective than the previous ones, is that it is 100% harmless to nature, the gardener and the gardener's children. It just goes to show that grandmother’s remedies still have a future in the organic garden!

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