Grilled shrimps with garlic on sliced ​​snow peas

Grilled shrimps with garlic on sliced ​​snow peas

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Shrimp never tastes as good as when seasoned with spices or garlic. It will surprise you once again, here accompanied by snow peas.

Preparation time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 15 minutes

Ingredients for 4 persons :

In the basket

  • 250 gr of prawns
  • 200 gr of peas greedy
  • a few sheets of coriander
  • 1 C. coffee ofgarlic in powder
  • 120 gr of long flavored Thai rice

In the closet

  • 2 knobs of butter or margarine
  • 1 drizzle of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper from the mill

Recipe for Grilled shrimps with garlic on sliced ​​snow peas

Heat a pot of salted water.

  • Start by hulling the snow peas and removing any threads from the sides by pulling them with a knife.
  • Rinse, drain and dry them.
  • Slice them lengthwise and cook them in a hot pan over medium heat for 15 minutes. with 1 drizzle of olive oil.
  • Stir frequently so they don't stick. Season.

Dip the rice when the water in the pot is simmering. Leave to cook for 15 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, remove the heads and shells of the shrimp, while keeping the small tail.
  • Slightly split the back. In a frying pan, melt 1 knob of butter and sear the shrimp over high heat for 1 min.
  • Add the garlic powder and add a few cilantro leaves.
  • Continue cooking for 2 min. over medium heat. They should not be too dry.

Drain the rice and place it in 2 small bowls, add 1 knob of butter to each.

In 2 other bowls, divide the snow peas and place the shrimp on top. Enjoy everything hot.

The HelloFresh trick

This mixture can also be served with egg pasta, all sautéed in a wok.

For a smooth touch, if you have some cream left over, add 1 tsp. at the end of cooking the shrimp!

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