An easy vegetable garden without treatments

Experiment with the associated crops which have now proven their worth in organic gardens. That’s all good: no treatments and less work!

An evergreen vegetable garden is the golden rule for mixed crops: green manure and vegetables follow one another without interruption. No need for digging or fertilizer!

Scratch the soil only once a year after the last fall harvest before sowing mustard. To move better in the paths of your garden, make a clover path, its roots loosen the earth well, the greenery serves as surface compost.

Look for the complementarity of vegetables

Organize your vegetable garden in alternating rows of spinach and associated vegetables. The spinach provide the weft of your vegetable patch and the mulch, while their roots nourish soil organisms.

The trilogy Butbeanssquash forms a winning association as these three plants are complementary:

  • theBut serves as a tutor to the beans,
  • thesquash cover the ground,
  • corn and squash also benefit from the capacity of thebean to fix nitrogen from the air in the soil.

Sow cosmos or other plants of the asteraceae family in cabbage to avoid piérides. The many butterflies attracted to these flowers intimidate the pimples so devastating for cabbages.

The good neighbors in the vegetable garden

Plant leeks or the chive among your strawberries, the latter will benefit from the disinfectant properties of the family of alliaceae. The carrot and theonion get along well: each allows the other to avoid their specific fly.

The carrot also appreciates the tomato deemed repellent for harmful insects due to its strong odor. Plant themarigold in the same hole as the tomato plant to control nematodes.

Combine the savory with the beans to keep them away aphids. The chervil and the basil protect the cucumber of mildew and attract bees which ensure fertilization. Once you've adopted the method, you will find other winning associations yourself!

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