9 green flowering plants for the garden

9 green flowering plants for the garden

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We often think of blue, white or warm colored flowers. Don't forget the green flowers and their acidic tones, oscillating between yellow and green.

These shades go wonderfully with bolder shades and bring originality to your plant associations.

Discover 8 green flowering plants!

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Green flowering shrubs

To plant a hedge or decorate the back of the bed, we can't do without the shrubs ! The hydrangea, a true classic, is more original with a green bloom, while the quince leaves its bright colors to adorn itself with a soft and captivating green.


  • Variety: Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’
  • Flowering period: August to October
  • Interest: its large inflorescences of an acid green which denote on a dark green foliage, the green then transforms into a slightly pinkish white
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : fresh and rich
  • The little extra? Its wingspan of 1.80m which fills the hedges and the beds.

Japanese quince

  • Variety: Chaenomeles speciosaKinshiden ’
  • Flowering period: March to April
  • Interest: its large double cream-green flowers with yellow honey-bearing stamens
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : fresh but drained, neutral to acidic (dreads limestone)
  • The little extra? Their compact habit which offers a dense shrub ideal in hedges or at the bottom of a massif.

Perennials with green flowering

The large inflorescences of euphorbias bring roundness to your flower beds. Conversely, Echinacea build their upright habit and energize the whole. Don't hesitate to combine them with orange, yellow or red colors to create a beautiful and varied palette.


  • Variety: Euphorbia characias
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Interest: its bluish-green foliage topped by large inflorescences of a color that hesitates between green and yellow
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : well drained, dry, even stony, neutral to limestone
  • The little extra? Its evergreen foliage which makes it attractive all year round.


  • Variety: Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’
  • Flowering period: June to September
  • Interest: its large flowers halfway between a daisy and a sunflower, an apple green Granny Smith
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : rich, deep, drained
  • The little extra? An ideal plant in mixed border, in clump and in bouquet.

Common Alchemilla

  • Variety: Alchemilla mollis
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Interest: its bloom forming a cloudy yellow-green cloud of flower, above tufts of rounded leaves
  • Exhibition: half shade
  • Ground : loose, fresh, clayey
  • The little extra? Ground cover port which covers embankments and large areas.

Green annual flowers

Here is two fragrant annuals that go together wonderfully. These two tobaccos marry with their tangy green but are distinguished by flowers of different shapes: sometimes tubular, sometimes trumpet.

Green tobacco

  • Variety: Nicotiana langsdorffii
  • Flowering period: June to October
  • Interest: its tubular flowers opening in a "lime" color cup
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich, fresh but drained
  • The little extra? its flowers that open at the end of the day to release a scent reminiscent of jasmine

Ornamental tobacco

  • Variety: Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’
  • Flowering period: july to october
  • Interest: acid green velvet trumpet flowers
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich, fresh but drained
  • The little extra? An intoxicating scent with hints of honey.

Climbing plants with green flowers

In clematis, we find flowers of all colors, even green! Do not hesitate to associate these petticoated flowers with the little rustic hop cones. How about other colorful climbers like roses?


  • Variety: Clematis x patens 'Green Passion'
  • Flowering period: May to June, then in September
  • Interest: large double green flowers 8cm to 10cm in diameter
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich, fresh but drained
  • The little extra? A honey plant that grows well in pots.


  • Variety: Humulus lupulus
  • Flowering period: june to july
  • Interest: the female inflorescences forming small green-yellow cones that cover the plant in early summer
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich, deep, clayey
  • The little extra? How about making your own beer?

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