Garden flowers

From blue to the garden

If you have a weakness for blue flowers, play around with shapes, locations, and varieties.

So you can enjoy all the shades of this color, from spring to fall. .

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Blue borders

Install the creeping bugle as a ground cover. This small plant with flowers in purple tones can stand the sun if the humidity is not lacking.

Avoid burning situations.

Plant the campanula of the walls to colonize the walls and pavements and create a carpet of blue flowers. This perennial blooms continuously throughout the beautiful season.

It supports partial shade and adapts to all soils. You just need to contain it, if you don't want it to invade the entire border!

Blue plants for rich soil

Lark's feet produce large stems of blue flowers from June to October.

For a good result, choose vigorous young plants with thick and strong stems. Weed regularly to aerate the soil and keep it cool.

Add maintenance manure each spring.

The peach-leaf bellflowers, with erect flowers with large blue bells, thrive in sun or partial shade and bloom from June to August.

In heavy earth there are also blue flowers

Plant campanulas latifolia macrantha, a hardy, perennial variety with dense spikes of beautiful dark purplish blue bells. They appreciate partial shade and are not afraid of the cold. Cut the flower stems after flowering and watch their implantation as they tend to invade the ground.

Russel's lupins are the most beautiful effect with their blue-violet to indigo flowers present from May to July. They support dry soils but fear limestone. Renew the feet every three years.

Hybrid columbines (aquilegia), an intense blue, like light humus soils, sun or partial shade. You can install them in heavy earth, they do not live there for long but reseed themselves there. To make their flowering last between May and July, it is enough to maintain the freshness by spreading a mulch of leaves or clippings.

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