How to arrange a balcony?

A real asset for an apartment, the balcony offers a little outside to invest.

We play with plants, decor and furniture to create a little green setting.

Whether it is cramped or running, discover all our tips for arranging it!

Plants breeze view

Often on a balcony, we are surrounded by neighbors! We then rely on plants to create a little corner of their own. For this, existing structures such as the balustrade, walls and trellises are used.

If the balustrade is added, we take the opportunity to dress it with talkative climbers.

Think ivy or Hydrangea seemanii, which have the advantage of having evergreen foliage. These same plants can find their place on a trellis against a wall.

Also think to the green wall which is made up of mesh structures that stack up. Thus, it adapts to all walls!

Custom-made furniture

You have a narrow balcony ? Do not hesitate to use the entire width with a bench that you will place at the back. You can then recycle some pallets for a bohemian style.

Once filled with cushions, your outdoor sofa will be very comfortable. In the case of a long balcony, bet on a folding table that rests against the railing.

With chairs facing each other, you can have breakfast outdoors in the spring!

What plants for my balcony?

Balcony to the north

Adorn your shaded planters with heuches, hostas, and wood spurge for their decorative foliage.

As for flowers, bet on perennial geraniums and bugles for their bluish blooms and fuchsias for their colorful bells.

South facing balcony

Is the sun beating down on your balcony? Choose species that are not afraid of drought.

This is the case with lavender and its intoxicating scent, but also with erigeron and its small, rustic white flowers. They pair well with those of Agathea, a heat-loving perennial.

Decorative pots and planters

The ideal is to create large custom-made containers so that your plants fit harmoniously on your small terrace.

You can create planters that overlap on several levels, like an above-ground bed. You will imagine yourself in a real small garden, with the foliage that hides the containers. If you have a long balcony, choose narrow and long planters instead that accompany the balustrade.

As with the sofa, at the very end of the balcony, do not hesitate to occupy the entire depth with a large planting box. At the edge of the window, we place a few jars of aromatic herbs that remain within easy reach.

A mini vegetable garden on the balcony

Are you interested in growing your own vegetables? There are free-standing vegetable beds in XXS version, perfect for balconies. Depending on the size of your exterior, you will install one or more, aligned or grouped in groups of four. Either way, it's up to you to sow cherry tomatoes, peppers, radishes and strawberries!

Why not accompany your urban vegetable garden with a vermicompost ? Some models are suitable for small spaces and cause no nuisance. Your organic waste is then recycled by our earthworm friends and offers you a rich and well-decomposed compost.

A pergola for a shady corner

The pergola is a structural element for any exterior. With its framework, it houses the relaxation areas and becomes the playground for climbing plants. It is an ideal arrangement when you have vis-à-vis that comes from above.

This is the opportunity to plant climbing fruit trees like the kiwi! These large, fleshy leaves offer you beneficial shade in summer, while its juicy fruits are harvested between September and February, depending on the variety.

A small, well-lit exterior

And to enjoy the summer evenings, nothing like a few lights to give a cozy atmosphere and decorate the balcony. Now is the time to have some fun! Lanterns, light garlands, LEDs, wall lights ... You are spoiled for choice to illuminate your exterior and make the most of it.

Video: Tutorial: Styling Your Balcony by Anita Lim for Home u0026 Decor (October 2021).