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Sweet almond: incredible virtues

The almond or Prunus amygdalus is the result ofalmond. Ovoid in shape, this oleaginous fruit belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Its tree blooms at the end of winter and can reach 6 to 9 meters tall. The harvest takes place at 2 distinct times of the year (May or end of September), depending on whether you want them fresh or dry.

There are two main varieties of almonds: sweet almond and bitter almond. The latter is toxic.

Popular for its virtues in cosmetology, it is also very appreciated by our health. It has even been diverted into butter, oil and sweet almond milk.

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Almond, for the record

Native to the Near East, sweet almond arrived in Egypt by the Hebrews and in Europe by the Greeks.

In France, sweet almond has been cultivated since the 5th century BC. In the Middle Ages it was very popular, especially in the form of milk.

In Egypt, the pharaohs used almonds in bread dough, and as an oil for massages.

In ancient Greece, they were dipped in honey before being eaten.

As for the Romans, they threw almonds at the newlyweds to ensure their descendants. And this is how the tradition of sugared almonds has continued.

Almond; health benefits and virtues

Very caloric (570kcal / 100g), sweet almond, very nourishing, is a real energy tank. However, it should not be abused.

Sweet almonds are very fat (50%). And yet it does not contain cholesterol. Indeed it has monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and 9), which increase the level of good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol.

So the sweet almond reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, of Colon Cancer and of high blood pressure.

Its fiber content (15%), facilitates better digestion. It is a very good laxative.

In addition, it cuts hunger and avoids snacking.

Recommendation: Drink a teaspoon of sweet almond oil after a meal.

It is an excellent source of vitamin E, a very good antioxidant, against premature aging. It also promotes healing.

However, vitamin C is very discreet.

Sweet almond oil soothes heartburn, protecting the lining of the stomach. In case of'gastric ulcer, it is very effective.

It can also remove mucus from the bronchi.

We recommend sweet almonds in case of physical and intellectual fatigue. It’s a great snack. (Ideal for students to hold on to an exam).

Finally the buds of the almond tree are used in gemmotherapy, because they have a property anti sclerosis in the elderly. In case of hyper coagulation they are used to thin the blood.

Sweet almonds are a gold mine of minerals. She brings potassium (860mg / 100g) for blood pressure, phosphorus (500mg / 100g) for the proper functioning of the nervous system, calcium (248mg / 100g) for bone building and magnesium (230mg / 100g) to regulate stress.

Its glycemic index is 15. In diabetics, almonds do not raise blood sugar. Favor almonds as a snack.

However, nuts such as almonds can generate allergies and thus cause edema and itching.

> Internal use of almond:

Against coughing where the bronchitis drink a teaspoon per day of sweet almond oil.

Or for the same virtues, drink herbal tea.

> External use of almond:

Sweet almond oil, with healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it can treat skin attacks: eczema, burns, crevices or Sun burn. Massage the skin on the injured areas.

Almond in the kitchen

Enjoy your almonds, plain, salted, roasted, dry, slivered, crushed or powdered.

They go very well with your pastries (frangipane pancake), your salads, your roasts.

> Gourmet ideas:

As an aperitif, plain associated with raisins.

As a main course, grilled, they add crispness to your fish and meat.

For dessert, slivered on crumbles, on a bowl of ice cream, in pancakes. Or even powdered in the galette des rois, the financiers. In almond paste in madeleines.

Intolerant to cow's milk? Very nutritious, plant-based sweet almond milk is suitable for replacing cow's milk. Make your almond milk: immerse 100g of almond powder in 500ml of water. Boil and filter the residue.

Quick tip: Prefer to eat raw almonds, they are healthier than roasted almonds.

Storage: In a dry place, at room temperature, in an airtight box.

> Almond and beauty tip:

Sweet almond has many properties for your beauty. She hydrate, feeds dry skin and scalp. It is also a very good anti wrinkle and anti-dandruff.

Anti-wrinkle tip:

Apply the following mixture to your face: 1 tablespoon of honey, lemon and sweet almond oil. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.

Natural scrub :

Mix 1 tbsp of almond oil with ½ a squeezed lemon and 2 tbsp of sugar to smooth away dead skin. Apply in a circular fashion.

In women, sweet almond oil prevents or limits stretch marks.

For men, apply sweet almond oil to the face just before shaving. Its hydrating power protects and prepares your skin for razor damage.

For babies, sweet almond oil can be applied to the body after washing.

For dry ends :

Apply a few drops of sweet almond oil to the ends. Leave on and rinse with clean water.

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