5 useful flowers in the vegetable garden

They attract pollinators, ward off unwanted people, reduce the risk of fruit and vegetable diseases and beautify the vegetable garden.

Some flowers have it all!

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Indian carnation

Symbol of grandmother's gardens, the marigold is above all a beautiful souvenir of grandfather's vegetable garden, to be adopted as a matter of urgency in your kitchen garden in an urban square!

Sow it traditionally near tomatoes to stimulate their production of beautiful fruits or else near the carrot, to protect it from the carrot fly. The marigold repels aphids, nematodes and whiteflies, among other pests. In February-March, it is the right time to sow a few seeds under cover, then transplanted in a bucket and then in the ground, in the sun, in May.

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His technique for protecting vegetables froms aphids is original: like petunias, it attracts and shelters them so that they do not invade the vegetable garden!

Its additional advantage: it exists in two varieties, climbing and dwarf. The first goes very well with climbing bean plants to grow on a wooden tipi-style support for a fun and aesthetic vegetable garden. To be sown at the end of March under cover then in the ground from June.

You can eat it in a salad, just like carnation!

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Also beneficial at the edge of a vegetable garden, lavender has no equal in attracting pollinators, that goes without saying!

It perfumes the atmosphere with its intoxicating scent and repels aphids and ants.

Plant in full sun, about 60 cm apart as it spreads out and will form a pretty bushy hedge.

Do not forget to prune it, after flowering, to regenerate it.

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Marigold, more elegantly called Calendula Officinalis, also mainly repels aphids and displeases worms, nematodes, flies and other Colorado beetles which threaten crops. It is recommended near tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant and carrots.

Its specificity: it supports partial shade and all types of soil. Marigold manure is an excellent fertilizer.

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Mainly beneficial for repelling the tomato hornworm, borage is a pretty plant that is very popular with bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects. Sow its seeds from March in the ground and let it re-sow as it pleases.

Also think about ...

You can use tansy to defend yourself against pests like fleas in the house. Garlic, on the other hand, makes very pretty buds. As for thistle, forget-me-not and aromatic herbs, they are real pest repellents.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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