Beef steak, truffle puree

Gourmet and easy, this beef steak and truffle puree recipe is a pure delight.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 4 beef steaks (150g to 200g each)
  • 700 g of potatoes (Bintje type ...)
  • 90 g of butter 1/2 salt
  • 10 cl of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 50 g of broken truffles
  • Coarse salt, fleur de sel
  • Pepper from the mill

Beef steak, truffle puree

- Peel and wash the potatoes. Place them in a pot of cold salted water with coarse salt. Bring to a boil and cook until tender. Drain. Reserve and keep warm.

- In a saucepan, combine and heat 60 g of 1/2 salted butter and the milk.

- Pass the potatoes through a vegetable mill (or mash them with a fork). Add the broken truffles and the egg yolk. Pour the contents of the pan, mix. Season with salt and pepper. Reserve and keep warm.

- Pan-fry the beef steaks in the remaining butter, feed them regularly until the desired doneness is achieved. Season.

- Arrange the pavers with the truffle puree.

Chef's BBA

Why take meat out of the refrigerator 30 to 40 minutes before cooking it?

Bringing the meat to room temperature helps reveal the flavors during cooking and relax the flesh.

Well-being and potato

The potato is a starch, rich in complex carbohydrates (starch), it indeed manages to stall the most ferocious appetites with a serving of only 200 g. Is it necessary to specify that this contribution depends on the chosen cooking method: in a deep fryer, it doubles… In all cases, note that an early potato is richer in vitamins and minerals, and that a steam cooking allows to preserve as much as possible its nutritional advantages. Without forgetting the taste pleasure, if the potato is accompanied by a knob of butter.

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Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: S. Thommeret

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