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Anise: for difficult digestion

Green anise(Pimpinelle anisum) is a aromatic plant annual, sometimes biennial, very fragrant and decorative.

Native to the Mediterranean Basin and Egypt, anise was cultivated by the Egyptians more than 4000 years ago and already recognized for its digestive properties.

Today, green anise has many therapeutic indications.

Anise and its health benefits

  • Recognized for its effects antispasmodics, anise is recommended to treat difficult digestions, the bloating and theaerophagia. Anise infusion(15 g of seeds per liter of water), to drink several times a day or after a meal, clearly promotes digestion.
  • Green anise helps reduce dyspeptic nervous disorders such as contractions of the digestive organs, palpitations, dizziness and a feeling of tightness after meals.
  • Anise stimulatesappetitecalm them down migraines and fight against tired general.
  • Its soothing virtues make anise a good remedy againstasthma, the pulmonary congestion, the pharyngitis and the bronchitis. The inhalations of essential oil of anise are also very effective against cough and all the symptoms of cold.
  • If you are breast-feeding, be aware that anise is a galactogenic very effective. It increases the production of milk and also calms the colic of the infant.
  • The essential oil of green anise is used in the treatment of irregular periods and allmenstrual disturbances.
  • Warning, used in excess, the essential oil of green anise is harmful to the the nervous system. It can cause nausea, vomiting and convulsions.

Growing anise for its benefits

  • Plant the green anise in full sun, he needs heat ! The soil must be light, rich in humus and fresh.
  • Sow from April to May and very lightly cover the seeds, which rise in just ten days.
  • Anise seeds have a lifespan of three years. When sowing, always use fresh seeds.
  • It is possible to grow anise pot, in 25 cm containers, but it will remain more compact than in the ground.

Anise in the kitchen for its benefits

  • Anise seeds are part of the composition of pastries and of confectionery, they are used in particular in the production of gingerbread, but they also deliciously perfume the duck and the fish.
  • Green anise is also the element essential from the manufacture of a typical Provençal drink, the pastis.
  • In infusion, anise is very fragrant and helps digestion after a hearty meal.
  • Avoid buying the anise seeds in quantity, they do not keep very well and quickly lose their scent.

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