Anthurium: essential indoors

The anthurium needs some care, especially when we know that this tropical plant sometimes has difficulty adapting to the interior of our homes and apartments.

Growing anthurium indoors is quite possible if you follow a few rules, here are some valuable tips.

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Exposure for anthurium

The right location is important with anthurium because, depending on how much light and sun you give it, it will grow better and flower that lasts longer.

Ideal exposure:

The anthurium claims a lot of light but does not need direct sunlight.

Too much sun exposure could quickly dry out the plant, which needs some moisture to flower and develop.

So choose to install it near a window that lets as much light through as possible but avoid it being subjected to direct sunlight.

Ideal temperature of an anthurium:

The temperature of a house or apartment is ideal because it must be understood in 18 and 21 ° all year round.

Of May to September, you will be able to take the plant out without any problem, but do not hesitate to bring it in at night if the nights are cool.

Ambient air and humidity requirements:

The only thing an anthurium might not tolerate isdry air of our interiors.

In winter, when the heating is on, the air is less and less humid and it is therefore important to regularly spray water on the foliage.

You can also place the pot on a bed of pebbles, clay balls or gravel that is still wet, this is excellent for the plant.

Caring for anthurium

A little care and regular maintenance of your anthurium should help you have a beautiful plant and prolong flowering, and make it bloom again.

Watering the anthurium:

  • In spring and summer

He must be regular But moderatewatering is ideal when the soil is dry on the surface.
Do not wait too long, especially in hot weather, as the plant may suffer.

If the tap water in your area is limestone, choose any spring water or collect rainwater for watering.
Prefer lukewarm water rather than too cold because the temperature difference can cause a significant stress for anthurium.

  • In autumn and winter

Reduce slightly watering during the period of vegetative rest.
Wait until the soil is dry for a few centimeters before watering again and with water at room temperature.

You will resume watering in the spring when the plant regains growth.

Size of anthurium:

No pruning is necessary but remove the faded flowers as you go.

Fertilizers and anthurium:

In order to have a very beautiful flowering, bring someliquid fertilizer upon resumption approximately every two weeks.

Repotting anthuriums

This operation is essential if you want to see bloom your anthurium again.

We can consider that the older the plant is, the less annual repotting will become necessary and you will be able to not repot every 2 or 3 years.

  • Once every 2 years at most, repot your anthurium in the spring.

When repotting, choose a pot of a larger diameter but not too large and make sure that the bottom of the pot is drilled.

The ideal would be to install a layer of clay balls or gravel at the bottom of the pot, about 2 or 3 cm, to be sure that the roots do not stagnate in the water and to facilitate drainage.

Make an anthurium bloom again

By following all these tips, you optimize the culture of anthurium and it should bloom year after year.

If the flowering period indoors is always around summer, she can flower throughout the year by optimizing all of these growing and maintenance tips.

In optimal condition, the lifetime of your anthurium can turn out to be extremely long and flowering will repeat itself from year to year.

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